The correct means test is supposed to have a second box that is checked in order to claim that your debts are primarily business debts................mine were all business debts so why does my means test not have that.  if you look up bankruptcy form b22a it is different from mine.

Um, not so fast.  That electronic filing was your certification that you had
clean documents, with the original signatures, of what you just filed.  You
certified that you had more than the wet signature pages and the revision-marked
versions; you reprinted the revised sections so the client AGAIN reviewed and
signed the documents after being updated to incorporate the previous changes.  
And you’re exposed to sanctions if you do not have clean printouts of the
documents in your office identical to the filed PDFs, printouts which were
signed after all the changes were made no matter now minor the changes – even
simple typographic errors.  In re Daw, 2011 Bankr. LEXIS 279 (Bankr. D.
Idaho 2011), In re Tran, 427 B.R. 805
(Bankr. N.D. CA 2010)
, aff’d sub nom. In re Nguyen, 447
B.R. 268 (9th Cir. BAP 2011),  In re Harmon, 435 B.R. 758 (Bankr. N.D.
GA 2010). In re Brown, 328 B.R. 556 (Bankr. D. N.D. CA 2005).

My attorney did not do any of this as a matter of fact the only schedules sent to me went to a wrong address and the attorney Barbara Rogers admitted in court she sent them to the wrong address.  The courts refused to present me with any signed schedules by me as well as never sanctioned the lawyer.

Within 5 days of filing your case electronically Cleveland bankruptcy attorney
William Balena must file you signature declaration with the court.  If for some
reason the bankruptcy court does not receive it within the 5 days then a hearing
is scheduled to find out why.  It is that important.  I will tell you right now.
  I think there is a plot out there.  Either the postal service or the clerk of
court has it in for you.  The signature declaration I send in just disappears. 
This is so common that I will have you sign a second.  If the court notifies me
that they did not get it, I have one already signed to send in again.

This is a post from a Bankruptcy lawyer about signatures disappearing, mine disappeared and i was charged with fraud.  Is this how your charged with perjury=
This is an example of her paralegal filling out a schedule that i never read or signed and if you read the first sentence it states not to list transfers in the ordinary course of business or financial affairs but she did.  Also how do you intrepit a statement like this without speaking with your client.